About Our Company
MixStreet.net, a subsidiary of AudioStreet.Net, was started to meet the demand of the ever popular DJ and Mixologist scene. Originally AudioStreet.Net was the home for these artists until the time came to give them a home of their own. With all the same features and functionality, MixStreet.Net was launched in April 2005 with all the DJ's and Mixologists moved here from AudioStreet.Net.

This site would not end up being any ordinary music site, but a place for DJ's and Mixologists of all shapes, sizes and experience levels to create their own web presence and sense of community. A place for these artists to showcase their mixing ability and creativity. A place for artists to advertise their shows in hopes of getting more people to come out and see them. And most importantly, a place for artists to establish a name for themselves and interact with other DJ's, Mixologists, and fans from all around the globe. This site would become MixStreet.net.

Through MixStreet.net we offer a complete package that allows artists to not only create their presence on the web, but to grow their overall presence and to gain more fans.

We do this by offering services that let you:

  • Stream your Mixes - take a listen.
  • Event Listings - let the world know where and when you are playing.
  • News Listings - let the world know whats going on with you.
  • Artist and Fan Reviews - Post your own press, and let fans review you.
  • Photo galleries - - post artist images and pictures from your shows.
  • Message boards - (coming soon) - by far the best way for an artist to keep in touch with current fans and create new ones.
  • Merchandise Storefront - (coming soon) - how would you like a complete storefront that gives your fans fast access to a professional online store allowing them to purchase your cds, tshirts, hats, and more. All this directly from your MixStreet.net homepage.
  • Free Music Hosting - You can host up to 3 songs FREE with our basic account.
  • and much much more!
All of the features listed above are managed by each individual artist through a user friendly control panel. All of this in an online community environment that allows you to interact with other musicians from all around the globe.

In a nut shell, we provide a complete web solution for the artist that wants to make managing their online presence simple and cost effective. We do this in addition creating one of the largest sites on the internet dedicated to DJ's and Mixologists exclusively.

Another great feature of MixStreet.net is the real time song charts. These charts keep track of the most popular artists and rank them accordingly. These may not be the Billboard top 100, but the friendly competition is enough to push artists to promote their mixes more so that they can get more plays and end up on top!

If you have any questions or would like to contact MixStreet.Net, feel free to email us. We look forward to answering any questions you may have. Click here to contact us.