Advertising on MixStreet.Net
Advertising is available to artists, fans, and music-related organization looking to reach a wide audience of artists and fans alike. We have several forms of advertisments on the site to suit your need at reasonable prices. Below are the choices of advertising and how to get started.

Banners are available on almost all pages of the site and get varying degree of exposure based on their placement on the site. Currently 5 different banner locations are available to purchase. Here is a brief explanation of how our banners work:

  • Banners spots are available in 7, 14, 30, 60, and 90 day blocks of time.
  • Accepted file formats are GIF, JPEG, and SWF. Max file size is 15K.
  • SWF files must contain the link within the file. If the link goes to a page outside of MixStreet.Net, it must open in a new window.
  • Banners you upload can be managed from your "My Account" page and allow you to update the link and/or title of the banner even after it is in rotation. The image or SWF file cannot be changed once approved.
  • Detailed stats are available thought your banner admin page such as number of impressions, click throughts, and demographics about the people who clicked your banner (age, gender, location, ect.)
  • Banners can be renewed after expiration through your banner admin page in your "My Account" page.
  • Banners require approval and may be subject to changes such as start date and duration based on availability at that time. No inappropriate content is allowed such as pornography and profanity due to the wide age range of our listeners and artists.
  • Currently all payments are made by credit card. Your credit card information is taken at the time of uploading your banner, but is not charged until your banner is approved. If you wish to use another form of payment, please contact us directly.
  • Special campaigns and custom banners are available upon request. Contact us for more information.
Header Banner
  • Shown on every page of the site.
  • Banner is rotated on every page view
  • Receives no less than 200,000 impressions.
  • Width x Height: 234 x 60
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Side Banners
  • Shown on high traffic main pages of the site.
  • Banner is rotated on every page view
  • Width x Height: 120 x 240
  • Not shown on artist pages
Available in 4 different spots, from top to bottom:

Spot 1 - receives no less than 50,000 impressions
Spot 2 - receives no less than 40,000 impressions
Spot 3 - receives no less than 40,000 impressions
Spot 4 - receives no less than 25,000 impressions

** Pricing differs for each spot due to difference in visibility.
** Spot 4 is not visible on home page

Promo Artist Ads
Promo Artist Ads are listings of artists shown on various high traffic pages on the website. These spots can be purchased by any artists at almost any time. The way this works is pretty simple:

  • Promo ads are purchased in one week blocks.
  • Up to 50 artists can purchase spots at any given time.
  • Up to 10 artists are shown in promo locations on each page view. What this means is that artists are rotated on each page view to give an equal number of views each. As an example, if all 50 spots are filled, every artist is shown on 1 out of each 5 page views. The less promo spots that are filled, the more times you will be shown.
  • Artists are shown in random order on each page load.
  • Promo artists are shown on the home and genre pages, but will be expanded to other areas of the site in the future.
Dj Grumster
Genre: Dance
Location: kirckaldy, United Kingdom
Dj Boo
Genre: Dance
Location: Carlow, Ireland
Dj Excite X
Genre: House
Location: Vilnius, Lithuania

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