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This is the general registration form for an MixStreet.Net personal account. This registration is for both Artists and Fans. Once you register, you can use the "my account" page to manage your MixStreet.Net account. For Artists, this is where you will register and manage your MixStreet.Net Artist Account(s). For fans, this will be where you can edit your personal and public profile information.
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About Registration
Why Register?
In order to use any of the member features of MixStreet.Net, you must create a personal account. Creating a personal account is simple, quick, and Free. Fill out the form on this page and you will be sent a confirmation email to the email address that you provide. Once you confirm your address, your account will be active and you can begin using the member features.

You also will have your very own Profile Page where you can share information about yourself as well as your favorite artists, song playlist, host your own image gallery, link to your friends, and maintain your own personal web log.

What about Artists?
The first step to signup as an artist is to create a personal account here. Once your account is created, you can add as many artist accounts as you need. Artist accounts are managed through your "My Account" page which you can access using the "Members -> My Account" menu at the top.

For more information, visit our FAQ page.